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Rishi's Newsletter: Pika at $410 MRR, Light bulb environment UI, and poetry by Ahmad Faraz

Rishi Mohan
Rishi Mohan
Hi 👋, this is Rishi! This newsletter is about updates on my side-projects, experiments and new discoveries in tech, design, apps and memes space.
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Side Project Updates
Stats for
  • MRR: $410(up from last month’s $250)
  • Page views: 27K(down from 91K in last month)
  • Churns: record breaking 😅
I was aiming to cross $500 MRR this month and worked towards it by sending cold emails and what not, but it didn’t work 😅. This month has seen a lot of churns too, otherwise it would’ve cross 500 mark. Currently my only churn recovery technique is to send emails to users(and how do you even deal with “I don’t need the product anymore” reason).
Plans for this month:
  • Revamp some pages for improving conversions
  • Learn and implement techniques to reduce churns
  • Write guides on how to use app features
  • Bug fixes, add more features requested by users
  • From last month: setup roadmap/changelog channel
Didn’t do much with except for disabling new sign-ups. Kizie is seeing 5 to 15 signups on average every day, but it’s not converting much. I’m keen to start rewriting Kizie soon, this time with plans also to monetise it and make it second product to contribute to my SaaS revenue.
A lot of my time was going into writing code, so one weekend I took a break to do some design stuff in Figma and created this random graphic about “fixing circles”:
I had also experimented with toast UI and interactive toasts for Pika, and also made it live. 
Catch the chameleon
A video with amazing transitions.
Light bulb environment
Fun interaction UI created by Cristi
Light bulb reading environment; don't strain your eyes!
Hidden macOS app
A free app for macOS to let you hide icons in menu bar.
hidden: An ultra-light MacOS utility that helps hide menu bar icons
Steve Jobs
I admire Jobs’s vision. You have to be very talented to foresee the future and work towards it. Something to aspire for.
Tim Cook
Today, Steve was awarded the Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor. He was a visionary who challenged us to see the world not for what it is, but for what it could be. We cherish his memory and we’ll continue building on his legacy.
Lines by Ahmad Faraz
I like reading poetry, and I’m currently reading “Best of Ahmad Faraz” by Kuldip Salil. Faraz is is also one of my favourite poets, he’s a legend for his way of depicting complex expressions into simple yet beautiful writing. Sharing these beautiful lines by him which I read multiple times.
A tweet to like
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Rishi Mohan
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