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Rishi's Newsletter: Celebrating artists, Pika at $600 MRR and an Armadillo catching a ball

Rishi Mohan
Rishi Mohan
Hi 👋, this is Rishi! This newsletter is about updates on my side-projects, experiments and new discoveries in tech, design, apps and memes space.
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Project Updates
Pika had its best month in terms of revenue in August. For the first time Pika has crossed $1500 mark in revenue. Here are some stats:
  • 💰 MRR: $600(up from $410 from last month)
  • 🏦 Revenue: ~$1500(up from $750 from last month)
  • 🥲 This month also had most churns
For some reason more people went with yearly plan then monthly plan, hence more revenue. One more thing to note is that I didn’t exactly push any significant changes or features in the app this month and mostly was talking to customers
My strategy with customers
  • I talk to customers to know what they expect from Pika, what’s missing and what features would make it more useful for them
  • When a user cancels their subscription, I send them an email to understand their use cases and the reason of cancellation, this helps in building a roadmap which is user oriented and which can help in getting old paid customers back
  • I do the same thing with customers who signup but don’t convert
  • For the users who’re already on the paid plan, I try to keep in touch with them, I message or email them asking about their experience etc., this gives them an assurance and builds a bit of trust
  • Some users report bugs and ask for feature requests, I try to deliver these as quickly as possible, and then send them personal email or message about it
  • All of these are done manually either through direct emails or through Crisp
Plans for September
  • I’ve been working on screenshot templates in Pika for some time now. Templates would help users generate images for various cases, for ex. App Store or Google Play Store pages, Instagram Stories and Posts, Twitter screenshots and more. I will be working on more templates which will also help Pika in capturing more audience than current set of users who’re mostly founders or product teams
  • Templates can also help in getting organic traffic since lots of users search for and use such templates, so another focus will be making these template pages SEO optimised
I experimented with this quick Tailwind only animated button. Thinking of doing something like this in some part of my apps and see how it affects clicks. You can find Tailwind code for the button here
Interesting Stuff
Such beautiful cityscape artwork
Stocketa Website design
I’ve been following Paul since some years now and his design work is pretty amazing. His take on is a nice non-traditional way of doing landing pages that don’t suck
Maitri is doing the colors game right
I’ve been following Maitri on Twitter for some time know, she’s a great person to learn about colors from. She had created a great set of gradient pack in the past which I use as wallpaper, she’s now playing with abstract art and I think it’s pretty cool
trying something new 👀 dropping Monday 🤩
Armadillo catching a ball
It’s fun to watch 😅
Armadillo catching a ball..

The little jump and roll over.. 😂
Ship happens
Rishika sketches her creative thoughts right into nature’s canvas, isn’t it beautiful?
A Tweet to like
That would be it for August, I’ll come back the next month with more artists, creatives and fun stuff.
How did your August go?
Please share by replying, I would love to know about it, even if it’s a random thing, or if it was a bit sad, definitely if it was a happy one :)
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Rishi Mohan
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